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The Grupo Cosentino app came to simplify sales management and improve the relationship between managers, brokers and customers.
It is the 1st application in the real estate market with the entire digital sales process.
Through the application, construction companies, subdivisions and groups provide sales materials for their projects, communicate with their sales teams and optimize the
entire sales process, all easy, all digital.
Check out how the Grupo Cosentino app can help you:
Sales Management and CRM The Grupo Cosentino app allows you to manage from the capture of the lead to the closing of the sale.
Make the entire sales process through the application, sending proposals, booking units, managing calls. Through the sales funnel it is possible to visualize and organize
all the deals in progress at each stage of the sale.
Integration with Lead Capture Platforms It is possible to integrate the app with lead capture platforms through the service queue, which distributes the captured leads among
registered brokers, bringing agility and tracking to the service.
Chat Integrated with CRM In addition to the integration with capture platforms, it is possible to serve your customers directly within the application through Chat. Ensuring
faster and more efficient service.
Product Management See up-to-date availability information and reserve units through the horizontal or vertical sales mirrors. Also have access to all product sales
information, sales tables, images, videos, plans and more.
News Management The Grupo Cosentino app provided a direct communication channel between managers and sales teams. Through the new feature, it is possible for the broker to
see announcements, invitations and updates of the accounts that he has connected. Log in and see what's new.
Real-time alerts Receive an alert whenever you have updates on announcements, products, sales tables, new customers, tasks to be done. So, you won't miss any
Points Club Accumulate points with goals achieved and unit sales to redeem rewards.
Personalization The Grupo Cosentino app allows you to customize your app with the colors and
your company brand. In addition to allowing the manager to configure the system's features according to the company's needs.

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