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When you suddenly have an important appointment or want to make a change right away
Have you ever experienced the exhaustion and inconvenience of not having a pre-booked shop and having to call them one by one to find it?
Or, you may have had the experience of making a reservation and then canceling it out of regret due to a change in schedule.
Most beauty shops operate on a reservation system, so the reality is that it is not easy to make a same-day reservation.
Even if you don’t always anticipate the schedule and don’t have a pre-booked beauty shop,
There is a service available right now
I called them one by one and asked, “Can you do it now?” Without the hassle of inquiring
No hassle of canceling your reservation due to schedule changes
Oppa Time, where you can see at a glance beauty shops near you where you can receive services right away.
Book now without waiting - pay for the hot deal and head to the shop right away
The hot deal payment amount is deducted from the usage amount after receiving the service.
▲ Oppa Time is created based on feedback from the directors who currently run beauty shops and customers who have difficulty making reservations due to limited time due to
sudden schedules.
To grow into a service created by operators and customers together
We always listen to your opinions and strive to reflect them as much as possible.
◇ Region open ◇
Currently, it is a beta service period, so hot deals will be opened on a regional basis.

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