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Chess King is unique chess multiplayer board game in android that helps in developing or growing the overall thinking strategy of a person. This board game can be

played by two online players, by two player in offline mode, play with your friend in private room or a single player with ai. It is also considered to be the pavement for

the consideration of making the kids a chess master in future.

Chess king is a mind game that allows in mixing of the blends of various thinking of players with goal of formulating right strategy to win the game.Play with Online Players- This feature allows you to exchange ideas with various players around the globe.

♚ Chess King is considered as one of the most advanced modes of a mind game for kids and also considered as challenging games for adults.

♚ Smart game in terms of re-strategizing the whole game and also helping the various players to think and give their moves by taking time.

♚ Chess King is considered to be one of the smartest chess multiplayer game for the person of all age to play and enjoy the game in a unique way.

♚ Chess King is ranked top among the various IQ games for kids or adults. It is one of the toughest board games as it requires a lot of thinking power.

♚ Considered one of the favorite modes of playing chess online game with the various friends across the globe and allows to connect the game by playing the chess

multiplayer game online with friends.

♚ It’s a board game for kids and also considered as one of the toughest modes of logic games.Play with Local Player- It’s very interesting game as it helps to regulate the various activities of the brain of kids or adults.

♚ Chess King is very interesting board game for different kinds of players who are interested to play brain game.

♚ It’s a mode of the game that supports different ranges of players from a single player to 2 players.

♚ It’s very interesting for 2 players as the players play with different strategies against each other in this logic game.

♚ 2 players mode of chess king game is very much popular. The players can also connect with other players from each corner of the world in chess multiplayer

mode.Play with Friends- It’s an interesting feature that allows you to exchange ideas with your friends in a private room.

♚ This board game for kids that are found to be more interesting as compared to any other chess multiplayer game.

♚ It’s a mind game for adults or kids and the beginning of correct form of the advanced thinking game that helps in making of a chess master in the future.Play with Computer- Chess King is very logical game as it helps in re-thinking and strategizing the game in different way.

♚ It is considered to be one of the most challenging and logic games for kids as the kids find it harder and difficult to win the game.

♚ There are different types of modes in the chess multiplayer game according to the suitability of the various players.

♚ Very logical game in terms of thinking of different types of the right moves to win the game on board.

♚ Single player mode allows the kids to play against computer and also helps to think of each move in a unique way.

♚ Chess King is one of the most challenging logic game and proves to be a challenging game for the correct utilization of brain for the adults.Download the best chess game now and start fighting!!!
  • Chess King
  • 7.34 MB
  • 5.5
  • 2021-08-25
  • {S} ou supérieur
  • com.chess.king
télécharger Chess King 5.5

La dernière version: 5.5

Exigence: {S} ou supérieur

Mettre à jour temps: 2021-08-25

télécharger (7.34 MB)

télécharger Chess King 3.3

La dernière version: 3.3

Exigence: {S} ou supérieur

Mettre à jour temps: 2018-09-25

télécharger (3.25 MB)

télécharger Chess King 3.1

La dernière version: 3.1

Exigence: {S} ou supérieur

Mettre à jour temps: 2018-08-03

télécharger (3.13 MB)

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