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Create a zero-trust digital environment with secure remote access. The GoodAccess client app enables your team members to safely connect to your SaaS, cloud, and on-premise
system with only one click.
1. Cloud VPN
Secure and encrypt all remote users’ connections and hide them from online attacks. Detect insider threats and malware at the DNS level with Threat Blocker.
2. Zero-trust network access
Segment your infrastructure with identity-based authentication and ensure compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA. Encrypt communication from all sources, including unprotected
3. Software-defined perimeter
Secure and manage all your assets, SaaS, public cloud, or on-premises, enforce a uniform level of security, and implement granular access control on the network level.
Key features:
*Global secure private network
*Encrypted internet access
*Two-factor authentication and SSO
*Split tunneling
*Static IP and dedicated VPN gateway
*Backup gateway for high availability
*Cloud & branch connectors
*Domain-level (Threat Blocker)
*Custom DNS blacklisting
*Gateway access logs
*System-level access control
*24/7 technical support
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