JP-MIRAI 3.7.1 [free]


JP-MIRAI Portal is an application that provides useful and helpful information for working and living in Japan safely and securely. There is useful information for all statuses
of residence.
Whether you are coming to Japan, are currently living or working in Japan, or have lived or worked in Japan before, make use of the JP-MIRAI Portal as much as you can!
About JP-MIRAI Portal
About JP-MIRAI (Responsible Foreigner Acceptance Platform)
We appreciate your comments, questions, and feedback on the application to improve the application : [email protected]

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  • Nom du logiciel: JP-MIRAI
  • Logiciel Catégorie: Style de vie
  • Code: org.jp_mirai.portal
  • La dernière version: 3.7.1
  • Exigence: {S} ou supérieur
  • Taille du fichier : 40.36 MB
  • Mettre à jour temps: 2023-01-25