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CBSE Class 4 App: NCERT Solutions & Book Questions is the best study app for CBSE 4th Class which offers NCERT Textbook & Solutions, NCERT Solutions, CBSE Past Year
Papers, CBSE Sample Papers, MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), Online Test, Video Lectures, famous CBSE books, Sample Worksheets, CBSE Question Bank, Previous Year Papers with
solutions & a lot more. Undoubtedly, its the Best Learning App for Class 4th CBSE students.
All the courses in this Class 4 learning app have been designed in consideration to latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 & CBSE guidelines. Its like mycbseguide for Class 4
all subjects:
★ CBSE Class 4 EVS book
★ CBSE Class 4 CBSE Solutions
★ CBSE Class 4 EVS Solutions
★ CBSE Class 4 Maths Solution NCERT
★ Class 4 English NCERT Solutions
★ Class 4 Hindi NCERT Solutions
★ CBSE Class 4 NCERT Solutions offline
★ CBSE Class 4 Book Questions
★ CBSE Class 4 Questions & Answers
★ Question Bank Class 4
★ Class 4 NCERT Book Solutions
★ Class 4 NCERT Textbook with detailed questions & answers
★ CBSE books for Class 4 maths book free
The app also offers CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, CBSE Past Year Papers & CBSE Question Papers for all the subjects includes: EVS, Mathematics, English, Hindi,
English Grammar & Hindi Grammar.
★ CBSE Class 4 Maths Question Papers
★ CBSE Question Paper for Class 4
★ CBSE Class 4 EVS Question Papers
★ NCERT Question Papers for Class 4
NCERT Solutions for all the subjects includes the following:
★ Class 4 NCERT Maths Solutions
★ Class 4 NCERT EVS Solutions
★ NCERT Solutions for all other subjects which include: English, Hindi, Science & Maths
It also offers Short Answer Questions with answers, Long Answer Questions with answers, MCQs, Online Test, Detailed Notes, Important Revision Notes, NCERT Textbook, Worksheets
with answer key, Interactive video lectures for learning through the app. Along with these study material in the app, it also offers discussion forums with help students to
solve their doubts in real-time 24X7.
This 4th Class App is derived from EduRev App, EduRev which has been awarded as the Best App of 2017 by Google and is the most loved educational platform with more than 300
Million visits on its apps and website in the last 2 years. EduRev is also one of the fastest growing EdTech platforms with more than 2 Million users joining EduRev in the
last 10 months.

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