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Don’t Touch My Phone, Anti-The 1.9 [free]

Anti-theft Alarm & Don't Touch My Phone

This app protects your mobile phone from theft and people secretly trying to unlock your mobile phone without your permission. With this Anti-theft Alarm and Don't Touch

My Phone app, don't be afraid to leave your mobile phone anywhere. This app protects your device from friends and theft. If you activate the touch my phone alarm, no one

can touch it because it sounds when someone tries to touch your mobile phone. Don't touch My Phone and the Anti-Theft Alarm app detects movement if someone tries to misuse your Phone. This is the most reliable alarm app for your mobile phone.

Don't touch my Phone & Anti-Theft Alarm is the best device monitoring app. You can immediately find out who is trying to misuse your Phone without your

permission. With Anti-theft Alarm, you can make your mobile Phone secure if you are concerned about the safety of your mobile Phone while sleeping and travelling, especially in

markets or busy areas. Do you want your cell phone to be strong enough to stand on its own and not be stolen or misused by anyone? So, charge the burglar alarm and don't touch

the Phone, free yourself from the security of your Phone and attach it.

Don't Touch My Phone Alarm app

If you're concerned that someone might be cheating on your Phone and reading your text and private messages without your permission, and you're afraid to leave your public

device, you don't have to worry about it because of Who Touched My Phone ❓ application. No one can dare to touch your device.Who Touched My Phone ❓ provides the best safety and security for your mobile device.

Charger Removal Alarm and Charger Unplug


The Charger Unplug Alarm is used to secure your mobile device while charging in public places . Yes, sometimes we can charge our mobile device at a hospital, airport,

and many other public areas, and it's hard to keep an eye on our cell phone whenever the chance of stealing a cell phone is high. So using Charger Unplug Alarm , if any

person tries to remove your cell phone from charging, the alarm automatically starts and cannot stop the alarm until the PIN has been entered in Who Touched My Phone


Battery Full Charge Alarm & Battery 100% Alarm

Full Charge Alarm is also used to keep your mobile phone safe. Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Many people set the Phone to charge it and forget

to unplug the charger and keep it charged for a long time, which is not good for your mobile device. Battery Full Charge Alarm alerts you when your cell phone battery

is full, so you can disconnect your cell phone and make it safe.

Stop unnecessary charging of your mobile device with the help of Full Charge Alarm, and you can save electricity in your country and also save the battery of your mobile


Clap to Find My Phone

The Who Touched My Phone also has a Clap to Find My phone feature if you forget your phone anywhere, anytime. you can find your Phone on your Phone, but the

applause feature allows you to search the Phone for what you need for both and clap and the Phone will start ringing, and you can easily find your Phone at and at the same time

clap your handsAnti Theft Alarm & Don't Touch My Phone

We always love to hear from you regarding our Don't Touch My Phone App.

If you have any queries and suggestions regarding Who Touched My Phone❓, please email us at

[email protected]


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  • 2022-09-23
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