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Wallace Wallet: Earn rewards 0.6.13 [free]

Wallace has 2 main virtues specially created for YOU.


Wallace is the first crypto wallet that pays you just for using the app. You will get rewarded in 3 ways:

i) Anonymously sharing your data. It’s time to take control! You are the owner of your digital profile and must be rewarded accordingly. Wallace pays you directly to your in-app

wallet so you can trade your tokens at your will. The more you use the app the more you will be rewarded. And feel totally safe and secure.

ii) Gamification and referral program. Jump on top of the rankings by sharing the app and inviting friends to Wallace. The more they participate the more you’ll earn on their


iii) Helping us improve. By answering quick questionnaires not only we can understand how to keep on upgrading your experience with Wallace, but you will also get rewarded for


Wallace is the safest way to operate with crypto. You know the saying: “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins”. That’s why Wallace is totally NON-CUSTODIAL. We do not save or store any

key or access to your wallets and therefore you are in total control of your assets at all times. Furthermore, in order to make Wallace the safest crypto wallet out there,

Wallace encrypts your seed phrase safely in your device locally using the latest encryption algorithms. We don’t store your keys in our systems so you have full control of your

funds. No one has access to them. Of course, we encourage users to keep a non-digital backup of the seed phrase for security.

Additionally to earning rewards and security, Wallace excels in so many other areas making it the most complete crypto tool for both new and experienced users.


Purchase crypto with your credit and debit card, by bank account or directly by Apple Pay.


You have the most popular cryptocurrencies just a couple clicks away. Discover every corner of Web3- from the smallest cap tokens and bluechip DeFi projects to DAO governance

and the NFT projects… all in one crypto wallet. Get exposure to crypto assets across the top protocols worldwide.


Buy, sell and exchange crypto in the simplest and safest possible way. Wallace brings you the most popular staking and earning opportunities in the market to maximize your

profits. Access the hottest DeFi trends directly from your app.


That’s right, Wallace allows you to operate with the most popular blockchains and in different wallets. Therefore you can have your tokens anywhere you want at all times.

Operate in this matrix of options in the simplest, easiest and safest way.


Wallace has been designed following the latest and hottest design trends by some of the most reputed visual artists in the world. This is done to make the most amazing

experience for both newcomers and heavy crypto users.


Access real-time market information in the most advanced visually rewarding way.


Receive, send, collect and store your visual collectibles and digital assets directly in Wallace. Remember, multi-chain and multi-account, so you will have everything



Use Wallace in different terminals for extra convenience just the way you need it.


We are helping to bring mass adoption to crypto. That’s why we have always focused on creating a product suitable for everyone. We’ve seen the crypto space growing as the most

dynamic industry in the world. New networks and tokens are born every week and new users easily get lost when starting to trade. The lack of clear documentation has made people

lose funds because of misplaced seed phrases or sending the wrong tokens to the wrong network. Wallace was created for simplifying the arrival of newcomers, pushing the

cryptospace to the mainstream while allowing veteran users to keep using complex features.
  • Wallace Wallet: Earn rewards
  • 27.96 MB
  • 0.6.13
  • 2022-09-23
  • {S} ou supérieur
  • com.geodb.wallace
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La dernière version: 0.6.13

Exigence: {S} ou supérieur

Mettre à jour temps: 2022-09-23

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